How do I apply for a Diploma?

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Our admissions process is designed to offer flexibility, accommodating the needs of individuals who balance educational pursuits with professional or personal commitments. A distinctive feature is the continuous enrolment option, which allows students to start their studies at any time, eliminating the constraints of fixed academic calendars.

Steps for Admission

Selecting Your Programme: 

Exploring Available Programmes: Start by navigating to the "All Courses" Section on Our Website to explore the available diploma programmes. From here, you can choose a programme that aligns with your academic interests and career objectives.

After finding a suitable programme, be sure to read the webpage carefully. It contains vital information, including programme structure, duration, fees, and specific enrolment procedures. It's crucial to ensure the programme fits your expectations and needs.

Verifying Eligibility: 

If you have any questions about your eligibility for the programme, please email us at We will happily review your documentation and assess your eligibility. 

Completing the Payment:

To finalize your enrolment, navigate to the payment portal on the programme’s webpage. Here, you will find multiple payment options that cater to your convenience. Ensure that the payment is completed as per the instructions provided.

For those who require an offer letter prior to making a payment, you can request one by sending us an email. The offer letter will outline the key details of the programme, your eligibility status, and the conditions of your admission. This document can be used for various purposes, such as securing educational loans, sponsorship, or personal records.

Receiving Your Confirmation of Enrolment:

Once your payment is successfully processed, LIBT will issue a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) within 24 hours. This vital document will affirm your status as a registered student at LIBT and serve as your official admission ticket into the diploma programme. It includes vital details such as your course start date, duration, and any preliminary instructions.

Document Collection by the Admissions Team:

Alongside the Confirmation of Enrollment, our admissions team will request the submission of necessary documents to complete your registration process. This includes a valid ID and your Curriculum Vitae (CV). The timely submission of these documents is essential for verifying your identity and qualifications, ensuring compliance with our academic standards.

Receiving Programme Materials:

After your enrolment is confirmed and your documents are received, you will receive an email within 48 hours containing all necessary programme materials. These materials include detailed course content, schedules, and information on how to prepare for your studies. This package aims to equip you with everything needed to commence your educational journey smoothly and effectively.

Connecting with the Admissions Team:

Should you have any queries or require assistance during any stage of the admission process, our dedicated admissions team is ready to help. During the initial 24-hour period after your payment, the team will also ensure that all necessary documentation is linked with your student profile, thereby facilitating a seamless transition into your academic programme.


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